Whatsapp Will Shutdown it Services for Blackberry OS 10 by 31st December 2016

Its quite unfortunate how the "Mighty has Fallen", the almighty Blackberry has fallen. It started with Facebook application for Blackberry OS 7.

They stopped making update for blackberry OS 7 facebook app rather when you install the latest version of Facebook App for bb OS 7, it takes you directly to the web version of facebook, at first, i thought it was an error from my phone, may be my devices was out of date and i tried updating it but i still got same result. I figured out a solution, which is to download older version of facebook and it worked. 

why Blackberry whatsapp?

Now, Whatsapp which is owned by Facebook has decided to also stop whatsapp services from blackberry. 

From the message sent to all Blackberry OS 10 users, which says the services will end in 31st December 2016. See Picture Above.

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