This App Will Allow You Search For an Account Name Using The Persons Account Number

This app has really made a wonderful effort to solve the problem of scamming using account number in Nigeria. 

This application is called Nigerian bank verifier its a simple application that helps you verify the authenticity of any bank account.

If you want to send money to someone, you will simply use this app to verify if the person is the right person or not before sending it or going to the bank.

What Can This Application Solve?

  • >>Help you avoid being scammed by people
  • >>Prevent identity theft
  • >>No need to visit customer care anymore for account verification
  • >>Help You Avoid sending money to the wrong account number.

How To Use Nigerian Bank Verifier:

  • >>Download and install the app from here
  • >>open the app and Select the bank name
  • >>Enter a 10 digit Nigerian Bank account.
  • >>Click on verify to know who owns the account number.
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