How To Make The Glo 0.00 naira Free Browsing Tweak More Stable and Fast

Glo 0.00 naira and Etisalat 0.00 naira free browsing tweak are still working, but most users have complained of disconnection problem and others. Try this trick if it will reduce the rate of problems you encounter if it do not completely solve all the problems.  

How To Make The Glo 0.00 naira Free Browsing Tweak More Stable and Fast

Things You Will Need:

  • Glo SIM must have 0.0kb balance and not active data plan
  • Android device
  • Good 3G network 
  • Latest Tweakware v3.5 VPN (Download Here) or you can just head to Playstore and update your Tweakware app. 
Send SMS PAYU to 127 so that you will be able to use data as Pay As U Go to browse. Meanwhile, if you already have this option on your line, kindly skip it. 

Access Point Name (APN) SETTINGS

  • Name:
  • APN: glounlimitedzone
  • APN Type: Tick Default & Supl
  • Proxy: leave it blank 
  • Port: leave it blank 
  • Username and password: leave it empty 

After downloading or updating your Tweakware, open the app and use the below settings

  • On the Tweakware app, tap on Settings at the top right corner
  • Click on Bundle settings
  • Then click mark Enable Bundle settings
  • Now tap on Select bundle settings
  • After that, select (NG Glo) #00kb from the listed optopns


  • Go back to Settings 
  • Click Server Settings
  • Click Connection Mode Options 
  • Now tap on HTTP Host,
  • Then clear and input
Finally, Return back to the app menu, select free server if you don't have premium account yet and hit "connect"

It will connect immediately after successful handshake. Start browsing. 

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