How To Play This Google Chrome Web Browser Hidden Game When Your Device Has No Internet

Google latest version of google chrome has hidden game which you can only play when you do not have internet connection on your device. This google chrome game is available for android device, computer system and other device that supports google chrome web browser.

The question is have you tried to open your chrome browser when you are not connected to internet or when you do not have data bundle on your device? if yes, then i think you most have seen this game and you did not know how to play it or you are using an old version of google chrome web browser, if your answer is no, why not give it a try, open up your google chrome web browser when you do not have internet connection on your device and you will see the game am talking about.

Things You Need To Know About This Google Chrome Web Brouser Hidden Game:

  • The game will keep record of your high score.
  • It will buzz or make a sound when you reach every 100 points.
  • Your Scores will disappear when you refresh the page.
  • Sometimes it will automatically load a page when you connect your device to the internet.

How To Play This Google Chrome Web Browser Hidden Game:

  • Disconnect your computer or mobile phone from the internet or switch off your device data for mobile phones,
  • Try to load a webpage,
  • When the game appears for computer systems press the space bar while for mobile phones tap your device screen to start the game.
  • To gain high score, for computer system use your "up" direction key on your keyboard or the space-bar key to jump obstacles that will come your way, while for mobile phones, just tap your phone screen to jump obstacles.
  • The more you jump the more the game speed increases.
  • Your aim while playing this game should be gaming high score.
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