How to Solve Google Playstore Error 905 - Easy and Simple

This google play store error usually occur when you want to download large application from google playstore, so dont think its your phone fault or network, the problem is from your google playstore application.

Google playstore Error 905 has been reported to be caused due to corrupt file data or failed update in the Google Play Store. The most trusted solution for this error is removing latest updates installed for the Play Store app and install them again.

How to Solve Google Playstore Error 905 - Easy and Simple

First Step: Go to Settings and Tap on Apps: 

To do this, swap the phone notification tab down or tap the app drawer, locate the gear-shaped. In Settings, scroll down to find Apps and then search for Google Play Store. Depending on your Android version, the apps may appear under “App Manager” or “App Management”.

Second Step Uninstall Google Play Store updates:

Once you find it, tap on the Google Play Store icon, which will display google playstore details, Tap on “Uninstall updates” to revert the Google Play Store app back to its original version.

Also tap “Clear data” and “Clear cache” as well.

Third Step Update Google Play Store:

Opening the Google Play Store app and wait for it to load. the time it takes to load depends on your internet connection speed, the Play Store app will shortly update itself and hopefully fix error 905 along with it. Try downloading the app or game that gave you error 905 earlier and confirm whether the issue has been fixed or not.

If you’re having trouble in following this guide on how to fix error 905 on the Android Google Play Store, comment below.
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