Best Android Apps For Electrical & Electronics Engineering Students ( For EE or Elect Elect Students)


1. Mobile electrician

Mobile electrician is a powerful tool and android app designed for electrical and electronics engineers, students, technician and electrician.
It packs virtually all the electrical & Electronics engineering calculations. I bet you, with this app, you would be a pro in the field as it assists you just as the name suggests. Mobile electrician is a must-have app for electricians as it comes handy in some difficult situations.
With the app, you can as well check Online and Offline NEC Code Book 2011 and other EE-books in different languages.
Download Mobil Electrician Apk Here 

2. ElectroDroid

This application comes in two forms (free and paid versions) while the free version has no ads, the paid version costs just below $3 (about N600) and it offers a whole lot in electrical engineering topics. It is one of the most popular and powerful apps on playstore with over 5 million downloads already and a very good rating from users worldwide.

ElectroDroid features a lot of useful color code, sources information and calculators of electrical terms like;
Resistor, inductor, Capacitor color code and their standard tables and design, Power Calculator, SMD resistor color code, Voltage divider rule, Ohm’s Law calculator, Reactance/Resonance calculator, , Capacitor charges calculation value, Voltage Drop calculator,(Star-Delta & Delta –Star) Y-Δ Transformation, LED resistor calculator, Battery Life calculator.

AWG and SWG Wire size, Electrical Symbols & Schematic and other resources.
Operational amplifier calculator, Analog-Digital Converter, NE555 calculator, Frequency Converter
Port pin-out (USB, DVI RJ, VGA, HDMI, Phone cable color code, Color Code for Fiber Optic Cables and much more…
This app also comes in two versions, Free and pro.
Download ElectroDroid Apk Here

3. Electrical Engineering Pack

This app is very elaborated with several topics in the EEE field for electrical and electronics engineers and students containing about 39 Electrical/Electronic calculator and 16 Electrical/ Electronic Convertors. All the calculations you will come across as an EE student is provided in this app as the app comes only in pro version (paid app)
Download Electrical Engineering Pack Apk Here

4. EveryCircuit

If you want to learn circuit design, this app will help you do that right from your phone. It brings all the basics and fundamentals of designing electronic and Electrical circuits with guides. I could remember in my first year in school, i used this app to understand how to build a 555 timer circuit after failing to understand it when it was taught at the lab.

EveryCircuit app lets you know how to design and how electrical circuits works with simulations.
Some of the electrical or electronics circuit you can build yourself via this app includes but not limited to: Logic gate, LED flashing circuits, Resistive, inductive, capacitive, operational amplifier and other electrical & electronics circuits. Simply tap to design and play. And you can watch dynamic charge, current and voltage colorful animations with waveforms in the simulation. It is so sweet as i enjoy playing with this app than playing games with my phone.
As expected, the app comes in free and paid versions.
Download EveryCircuit Apk Here

5. Lessons In Electric Circuits.

This app is a book in form of an android app and it is a good and recommended study material for those that want to excel in this field as it covers 6 volumes of large topics broken down in categories and sub-topics
Volume. 1 — DC
Volume. 2 — AC
Volume. 3 — Semiconductors
Volume. 4 — Digital
Volume. 5 — Reference
Volume. 6 – Experiments
Download Lessons In Electric Circuits Apk Here

6. Electrical Technology

According to the app developer Electrical Technology Android App
“Electrical Technology” is a very basic Android App for Electrical & Electronics Engineering students and Technicians.

The plus point of this Electrical Android App is that you can use it offline i.e. without internet connection. So you are able to use the useful Electrical tools as well as Electrical & Electronics Engineering Calculators and Articles to learn something new anytime, anywhere without worrying about mobile data charges.

The bright features of the Electrical Technology android app is that there are 10+ advanced and most important Electrical Engineering calculators e.g. advance voltage drop calculator, Wire & Cable size calculator in AWG, Advance Wire size calculator, IC 555 Timer Calculator, Required Value of Resistor for LED’s Circuit Calculator, Battery Size and capacity calculators etc. included for free.

In addition, you can learn basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering tutorials and troubleshooting (step by step) abut Basic Electrical Concept, Basic Electronics, Troubleshooting and repairing, Power system, Solar power system and more without internet connection.
Download Electrical Technology Apk Here

7. DroidTesla

Here is another great tool for circuit designing. DroidTesla lets you to solve, "simulate and analyze" several electrical and electronic circuits by utilizing KCL and KVL. With this app, you can solve both linear and nonlinear circuits like resistive, capacitive, inductive and BJT, Transistor, Diode, AC/DC Voltage and Current sources, 555, MOSFETS, Logic gate and lots more…
There are two versions of the app; paid and free versions
Download DroidTesla Apk Here

8. Electronics Toolkit

Just like mobile electrician i discussed above, electronic toolkit is a must-have app for any serious EEE students as it packs many stuffs that will be handy to you.

Electronic tool kit gathers procedures to calculate unknown quantities in the field of electrical and electronics engineering. It features resistor color coded, power calculator, and Ohm’s Law, Series, Parallel, and Series/Parallel combination of inductors, capacitor and resistors in one app.

With the app, you can calculate resistivity, Power factor triangle, i.e. active, reactiveand apparent, magnetic fields, reactances and lots more.
There are also two versions; paid and free versions.
Download Electronic ToolKit Apk Here

9. Electrical Wiring

As a power engineering graduate, i came across some useful applications that aids the learning of electricity and Electrical wiring and i must confess that this app was a hit back to back. With it, i can easily calculate Residential load, Conduit fill, Ground wire sizing, Voltage drop, Copper & Aluminum wire sizes, Electrical Motors and other components, Neutral current and Demand load in Amp in VA.
There is paid and free versions of the app.
Download Electrical Wiring Apk Here

10. Electronics Calculator

This particular app is 100% suited for electronics and telecommunication students, graduates, Professors etc. Although power engineers will find it useful also.
The app offers calculation in 4, 5, and 6 band Resistors, Capacitor calculator and Conversion table, Capacitor code convertor (values to code and vise versa) and resistor and capacitor in series and parallel.
Download Electronics Calculator Apk Here

11. Electrical Pro

If you want to know more about electrical motors and it's calculations in the EEP field, this app is for you as it let's you calculate motor calculations, fault calculations, Voltage drop, wire ampacity, residential feeder size, Transformer calculations and a host of other power engineering mathematics.
The app is a combined five sub apps that use the 2008/2011 National Electric Code (NEC).
It is a paid app.
Download Electrical Pro Apk Here

12. Electrical calculations

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is all about calculations and practicals. In fact about 70% of exam questions for the students involves calculations that's why it is important for students and aspirants to understand mathematics and engineering maths properly and to achieve that, apps like electrical calculations are recommended to sharpen the brain.

This app has the ability to identify the unknown values of different quantities of electrical and electronics circuits. It packs a lot of calculations you would meet in your academic career as an electrical engineer.
It comes in both free and paid versions.
Download Electrical Calculations Apk Here

13. Electrical LV Calculator

Even PHCN workers makes use of this app as it is useful and essential to both field workers and office workers.

The app allows you to design electrical system that reduces the reactive power, i.e. improve power factor, Maximum allowable power installation, and calculate the short circuit current, Voltage drop, the automatic switch current in A, calculate the minimum and maximum cable and wire size, calculate the number of earth electrodes and earth resistance and lots more.

14. PICmicro Database

Mainly for electronic options, PICmicro Database is a good tool that lets you to check and compare the characteristic, applying filters and features of different and well-known dcPIC and PIC Microcontrollers product and components by Microchip.
Download PICmicro Database Apk Here

15. Electrical Engineering

Just as the name suggests, its all about Electrical engineering covering a whole lot of topics in the field consisting of 3 useful categories; Electrical/Electronic tools, electrical calculator, Electrical circuit calculator and Electrical formulas.
Download Electrical Engineering Apk Here

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