Beware of This Scammers Who Are Sending Mails Like Your Bank

This scammers are upgrading every day and you need to also know their tricks or you might fall victim one day. 
There is this new method this scammers are using to scam people. They are sending mails to your email address and it will almost look like the one banks send to their customers.

They will send you a mail saying you will be debited a certain amount of money for subscribing for your bank monthly Bulletin. And then they will request that you click on a link to stop the subscription.

What makes most people fall victim of this scam is the amount they will claim they will charge you for the services and you will immediately want to stop it by clicking the link.

Note: This scam will be alarming to those using bank mobile banks.

This is What Will Happen When You Click There Link:

  • You will be redirected to a platform which will request for your banking details and security pin too, and once they have it, they have gotten access to your account and they will drain your account. 
  • Another thing that happens when the link is clicked is that they will break through your phone security hence bypassing every privacy you have in your smartphone, and whenever you login anything with password in your smartphone those passwords are sent and decrypted on their system and once you enter your mobile banking or any social media application with password they will have the password also.
Note: Other means they access someone's smartphone is when you click links that leads to sites that still your personal details from your smartphone. The link once clicked will keep redirecting you to web sites. 

How To Know When A Mail Is Coming From A Scammer and Not From Your Bank:

You will observe from the picture below that the link marked red is the link that will give the scammers your personal details,username and password.

From the picture below, you will notice an email marked red beneath diamond bank email on the top left. "Kenton.sparks... " its from the scammers. Your bank or any brand cannot send you mail with such personal email address attached to it, i hope you know that if not, you know now.

If you click on the arrow marked red on the top right of the picture above, as it appeared on the mail it will display the full email address of the person on the mail which is displayed on the picture below.

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