Glo IDD Packs | Offers 11k/s Call Rate For International Calls

Glo NG has launch a Service pack call International Direct Dial (IDD) packs which offers amazing call rates to subscribers which is as low as 11 kilobytes per second and 6.60 Naira per minutes for customers making calls to people in United States, Canada, India, China and UK.

Glo IDD Packs Offers 11k per seconds Call Rate For International Calls

According to Glo NG in a statement said:
The new IDD Packs, is regarded because the nice deal it offers in the country, which enables Globacom subscribers to make calls from Nigeria to 30 primary international destinations for as low as N6.60 per minute. With the new tariff structure, we have empowered our subscribers to call their neighbors, family members and trade pals in 30 nations at extra easy and low-cost charges

30 International Countries You Can Call With Glo NG IDD Packs

As stated above in the statement by Glo NG, that its brand new IDD pack is specifically customers who want to call individuals who are in  30 international destinations of the world listed below.

The Primary International Countries You Can Call With Glo NG IDD Packs

UK, united states, Canada, South Africa, India, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Israel and Australia.

While Others include;

Bangladesh, Brunei, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, French Guiana, Guam, Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Puerto Rico, Reunion Island, Romania and Singapore.

The new Glo NG International Direct Dial (IDD) pack comes in different variants. The packs are IDD 100, IDD 200, IDD 500 and IDD 1,000.

Check The Difference Between The IDD Packs:

  • IDD 100 Service Pack
The IDD 100 offers subscribers 12 minutes of calls valid for 3 days.
  • IDD 200 Service Pack
The IDD 200 Service Pack offers 24 minutes valid for 7 days.
  • IDD 500 Service Pack
The IDD 500Service Pack offers 60 minutes of calls, valid for 14 days.
  • IDD 1000 Service Pack
The IDD 1000 Service Pack offers customers with 150 minutes of calls valid for 30 days.

How To Use Glo NG call International Direct Dial (IDD) Service Packs

Dial *211# to activate the IDD service packs.
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