How To Stream Video Before Downloading | Another Feature Coming To Whatsapp App

Whatsapp has started rolling out another feature called Video Streaming Feature. This new feature from whatsapp will enable its users Play videos sent to them before downloading the video.

All whatsapp users knows that, before you can play a video in whatsapp before now, you must first download the video and after a successful video download, you will then be able to play the video.

Whatsapp in recent times, have been adding new and amazing features to its messaging application. Recently, whatsapp added the Video Calling Feature which allows/enables whatsapp users to make video calls to their follow whatsapp users whose smartphone supports video calling feature. Whatsapp also added two-step-authentication and background audio playing features recently.

Its quite appalling to announce to you that this new whatsapp video streaming feature is not yet available to all whatsapp users. This new whatsapp video streaming feature is only available for beta whatsapp users or testers. if you are a whatsapp tester or you are using beta whatsapp application, just update your whatsapp application and start enjoying the new whatsapp video streaming feature.

Do not panic, just sit back and relax because i will inform you when its available to all whatsapp users.
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