Meet This USB Device That can Destroy Your Smartphone, Computer and Others Just By Plugging it

Surprisingly i jumped into a Youtube video  made by Thomas Kim about how he created a device more like a USB flash drive that can destroy your smartphone, computer and other device just by plugging the device.

According to Thomas Kim he made this homebred USB Killer device in his home, using household articles.

How Do This USB Killer Device Destroy Your Smartphone or Computer?

Thomas Kim homemade USB Killer device supplies 300 Volts surge to the computer or smartphone that its been plugged to and 300 Volts is more than what a computer or a smartphone motherboard can handle, so the result will be frying your computer or smartphone motherboard. It’s effectively the same as a power surge, but the difference is that, most power supplies have protection against those. The inbuilt USB buses in computer/laptop don’t offer the same kind of resistance, and consequently relay the energy to the rest of the computer, instantly killing it.

How He Made This USB Killer Device:

Thomas Kim made his homemade USB Killer device by combining camera flash parts with AA battery and made it in such a way that the USB flash drive will deliver 300 volts when plugged into an unsuspecting computer.

For now we must be careful of the kind of external drive (Flash drive) we plug to our computer or to our smartphones using an OTG cable. Do not plug any un-trusted flash drive to your device, be it a computer or a smartphone because if its a USB Killer Device like the one this guy has built, it will not only destroy all your important files but you will also loose your computer or smartphone.
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