Whatsapp Has Added Two New Features | Two Step Authentication and Background Audio Playing

WhatsApp has recently added two new features to their whatsapp application after adding video calling feature for its beta users.

The new two features whatsapp has recently added to whatsapp application is Two Step authentication or verification and the feature that will enable all whatsapp users play audio files in background while they do other stuff with their whatsapp application (Chating).

The two step authentication feature will provide whatsapp users security to phone number associated with their WhatsApp account.

While the background playing of music feature will allow whatsapp users play audio files even when they close or minimize their whatsapp application. Before now you must leave your whatsapp application open to play audio files and once you navigate to another page the audio will pause or stop playing.

Things You will Need To Use Whatsapp Two Step Authentication and Background Audio Playing Feature:

  • Download Whatsapp application version 2.16.341 and above or Beta whatsapp Application  from here. Note: for bete whatsapp click the beta link that is below the download button.
  • You can also update your whatsapp with the latest version from Playstore

How Can I Activate Whatsapp Two Step Authentication Feature?

  • Go to account settings in WhatsApp, you will see a new Two-step verification option. 
  • Tap it to get to a screen that explains what 2-step verification is and get the option to enable it.
  • Then enter a 6-digit passcode that you will be asked for each time you try to register your phone number with WhatsApp, and confirm it. 
  • You will also need to provide an email address that will be used to reset your passcode/password in case you forget it. 
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