MyEtisalat App | How To Download, Install and Manage Your Etisalat Sim Card With MyEtisalat App For Android and iOS

MyEtisalat App is a self-service application developed by Etisalat to help Etisalat customers to perform operations regarding their sim cards and to also enable them access product and services provided by Etisalat.

MyEtisalat application is more like the MyMTN App i recently talk about in my previous post, click the link for more details.

According to Chief Product and Information Officer, Etisalat Nigeria, Otuyemi Otule, who highlighted the desire Etisalat has in satisfying its customers/subscribers.

He said:
MyEtisalat Self service can be accessed via an app and on the web. The app is available on all major application platforms such as iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows and is zero-rated, which means customers do not need data to use the application

Things You Will Need:

  • For Android users Download MyEtisalat App for android (apk) mobile phone from Here
  • For iPhone users Download MyEtisalat App from Here.
  • For iPad users Download MyEtisalat App from Here.
  • For Other Device platform users, you can also use this app in a web site form, visit and login.

Things You Need To Know About MyEtisalat App

  • With MyEtisalat App, you will be able to perform operations on your sim card without sending SMS or dialing USSD Codes.
  • MyEtisalat App will enable Etisalat Customers view the package they are subscribed to and also add plans, remove plans or move across plans with the self-service platform.
  • MyEtislat App Will enable you Top Up the Airtime in your sim card just by clicking a button. Etisalat customers will be able to buy airtime and data with a variety of payment options including using their Naira debit cards.
  • The MyEtisalat App offers security options for Etisalat customers sim card, so if they lose their device/mobile phone, The Etisalat customers can easily use MyEtisalat App to block their sim card remotely.
  • With MyEtisalat App you will be able to monitor your airtime and data usage easily.
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