Mark Zuckerberg Just Launched His Own Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistant | Jarvis

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made his personal AI called Jarvis, he used various Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques and programming languages, His Artificial Intelligence (AI) named Jarvis, can control home appliances, play music and can even entertain Max.

Earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg announced that he had some good plans to build an Artificial intelligence system that will be running in his home.

Actualizing his dreams, Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled his Artificial Intelligence (AI) "Jarvis" which can talk to his phone and computer and it can control his home’s lights, temperature, music, appliances and security systems too. Over the time, Jarvis can learn new words and concepts too. Now Jarvis also entertains his daughter Max.

Programming Techniques and Language That Was Used To Develop Jarvis:

Mark Zuckerberg utilized few artificial intelligence methods like face & speech recognition, language processing, and reinforcement learning. Mark Zuckerberg also used Python, PHP, and Object-c programming language to develop Jarvis, Mark Zuckerberg even had to reverse engineer APIs for his home appliances like, lights, temperatures etc to issue a command that they can understand.Mark Zuckerberg Unveils His Very Own “Jarvis” AI Assistant

After he finished writing his code, he had to find a way to communicate it using text messages or speed. He chooses some simple words like “Lights”, “on”, “bedroom”. Mark Zuckerberg immediately realized that to work more efficiently, Jarvis needs to handle open-ended requests and have more context.

Now the main challenge is to communicate with Jarvis from anywhere, so for that, Mark Zuckerberg used Facebook’s own bot framework, he also built a Messenger bottom text Jarvis from anywhere. Zuckerberg even built a dedicated Jarvis app to enable voice controls for Jarvis.

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