This Message Could Kill Your iPhone Once You Read it

A malicious text message was being circulated among the iPhone users and this time it simply crashes the Apple iPhone.

All new versions of iOS are scrutinized in the hope of discovering new vulnerabilities. This is a reality that the Cupertino giant Apple cannot get away from, given the visibility that its mobile operating system has.

As a path to previous failures, a new one has now been discovered, again in the iOS messaging application. This vulnerability allows iOS to be blocked with just a simple message.

Well, the problem is in the attempt of “conversion” of these three symbols by iOS. As there is a bug in the system, iOS can not assimilate these three symbols to make a rainbow flag. This emoji works with three layers and when producing this symbol, simply iOS bursts.

There are two methods for creating this message. One works for people with iOS 10.1.1, and the second works for users who have 10.2+.

How can it be used?
  • Click on the text area
  • Select all (Ctrl + A or cmd + A) and copy
  • Paste in Messages on Mac or a note inside to be sent via iPhone
After the test, we find that it also hits Apple Watch as well.

This bug is literally on the loose and can not keep you from reaching your iPhone. The system recovers from this lock 3 to 5 seconds later, but if they are always sending, it is cruel.
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