Download Web Page Later | New Google Chrome Feature For Android Smartphone

Google has added another awesome feature to its chrome browser application for android smartphone. This new chrome feature for android is an update to web page download for offline reading feature added last year by Google.

Around December last year (2016), Google introduced a new features to its chrome browser for android which are ability for users to download music, videos and full web pages for offline viewing.

Like as i said earlier, Google has added another feature to chrome for android and this feature will enable users save a web page to be downloaded for offline reading when they are offline, and once they are online, it will be downloaded automatically by the browser.

How To Use Google Chrome Browser For Android Web Page Download For Offline Reading:

  • Update your Google Chrome Browser for android smartphone to its latest version through google playstore.
  • Long Tap on any link in Chrome browser for android
  • Then select the option “Download Link” to download the full web page. 

How To Use Google Chrome Browser For android Download Page Later:

  • The “Download Page Later” button will appear when you want to visit a web page but offline.
To read more about this google chrome for android feature, click here to visit google official blog.

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