The Latest Changes to the Google Play Store

In their bid to retain control of the Android-based application market, Google has been quietly implementing some subtle changes to their Play store.

With new logos, a possible new interface, and even some loosening up over the legislation on online casino apps, it seems that Google is stepping up their fight to be the dominant force in app distribution.

The first change that many people may have noticed occurred in May earlier this year. Whilst the subtle redesign of the Google Play logo might not strike some people as being too significant, it revealed how the tech brands aim to simplify their app store.

Compared the Apple’s App Store, Google Play is remarkably cluttered. And it seems that the new ‘bag-less’ Google Play logo reflects the company’s desire to achieve a more streamlined aesthetic.

In addition to this, there were recently leaked pictures of a new interface for the Google Play store. Whilst there are still some questions over whether the images were faked, they suggest that the new interface would reorganize the Android app offerings into distinct categories.

With an Editor’s Choice option splitting the apps into subjects ranging from fitness to picture editors, as well as sports and meditation apps, it shows how Google could be making further efforts to clean up the contents of their app store.

But one category that was conspicuously absent from the Google Play redesign was casino games. Much was made of Google’s decision earlier this summer to finally allow casino gaming apps to feature in their app store.

Whilst this operation has so far only been introduced in the UK, France and the Republic of Ireland, it will hopefully be rolled out as far as New Zealand soon where Android casino fans have had to go to a website like Lucky Nugget Casino in order to download the gaming app for their Android device.

As ever, Google is being very tight-lipped about when they plan to introduce their new user interface, but it’s expected to be another key moment in the brand’s bid to control the app market from companies like Apple.

Recent figures suggest that the Google Play store is gaining a larger control of the hugely lucrative app market. And with a new user interface, more online casino games, and a stylish new logo, it seems as though Google has really set the ball rolling.
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