Another Live Pictures of TStv Satellite Africa Decoder, Dish and Signal Quality

Another life images of the TSTV Satellite decoder has surfaced online with exclusive live pictures of TStv decoder , dish and Signal quality.

TStv Dish
While we still wait for the nationwide official commencement of decoder sales which reports says will be on November 1st, let's use this opportunity to see what TStv looks like when it's installed.

Watching TStv 
As you can see, the photos shows the dish mounted outside the building, the box type decoder and the picture and signal quality as displayed on the Television. 

TStv channel
Note that some of the alleged channels are not yet active but will be added gradually as time goes on. But for now, there are few news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and other channels. You can check them here.

Meanwhile, the signal quality of TStv is not very strong as you can see from the picture above. Maybe, with time, all these will be fixed. As for me, am more interested in the data. What about you?
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