How to Download Mobdro V2.0.48 to Avoid Ads While you Watch Live Football Match

There are two ways to enjoy an online live streaming these days with your smartphone. One is to pay for services like Netflix, Holo, HBO Now etc. And the second one is to look for Apps. Mobdro App is one of the recommended apps which most of us have been enjoy for long without paying anything.

Mobdro is a tool that constantly looks for free video streams available on the web and makes them accessible on your mobile device. If you are in love to enjoy the videos anytime and anywhere, Mobdro is the best app for you enjoy on your smartphone.

Mobdro has two versions: Freemium and Premium. Freemium is completely free, the Premium version has extra features, like capturing streams and ChromeCast support, and is free of ads.

Mobdro Freemium is what we have been using for long, but you have to watch free advertisements in a free version of Mobdro and lots of people are complaining about the too much of annoying ads while using the Mobdro Freemium version and the problem is, the official Mobdro Premium version is not available yet.

I'm glad to let you know that there is one Mobdro Freemium Official version which is working like premium version. It is known as Mobdro Version 2.0.48. This version will save you from free advertisements on live streaming apps. It can set you to watch free movies and TV shows without paying anything at all.

I downloaded the Mobdro V2.0.48 through the Mobdro official website, when testing the app, I noticed the app is completely free of ads. It seems the company forgot to insert the ads inside the app during the updating, because another version, which is Mobdro Version 2.0.52 was just released and that came with ads.

Mobdro V2.0.48 is no more available for downloading on the Mobdro official website, but I have the APK version of it for you guys to download and feel the premium features of Mobdro without paying a dime.

For those who don't know, Mobdro contains over 2,000 channels and is constantly updating every day; it contains popular channels Sky Sport 1-5, Bein Sports, Euro Sports, BT Sports, ESPN, NatGeo Wild, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, MTV Base, Vevo Hits, Hip Hop TV, Sony Max, Wrestling, Sky News, ALJEEZERA, BBC, ABC, CNN, Action Movies and many more.

As we are waiting for the commencement of the commercial sale of TStv Africa decoder, this should help in reducing the high cost of DStv Subscription, as you can easily watch your favorite DStv Channels at the palm of your hand through Mobdro software for free!

Supported Device or smartphones:
Currently, Mobdro software is available for Android Devices only.

For Android Users: Download Mobdro V2.0.48 here

Before download the APK file, remember to enable the option “Unknown Sources” at your Android device. So first go to Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources.

Note: Once you open the app, you will receive a pop up message tell you to update the app, ignore that message if you want to keep safe from annoying advertisements. See the screenshot above for the sample of that message.

Once you have a steady 3G or 4G connection on your Device, no hold bar situation for you because you will just stream and steam until you run out of your data plan
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