How to Download UC Super Mod Handler for Glo 0.0kb Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat

This is the latest Glo free browsing cheat working on UC Mini handler and UC Super Mod app. You can enjoy this cheat if you follow the settings and guidelines on this post carefully. 

It's obvious that the two UC handler apps are the only VPN working for this Glo cheat which is also the Glo 0.00kb right now because all efforts to get it connected on AnonyTun, Stark, Shadowsocks and even Tweakware didn't yield any result. So we are going to focus on how UC super Mod can configured for Glo unlimited free browsing cheat to work on your mobile phone.


Remember Glo data connection goes automatically off whenever you don't have active data plan right? Now, to make the H+ signal to appear, you need to subscribe to any Glo data plan.

You can go for Glo daily plan that gives 30MB for just N50 by dialing *127*14# or the one of 100MB forN100 by dialing *127*51#.

Remember, the trick here is to make the Glo signal come up then, you have the access to browse and download unlimited with a very high speed for the day. So for you to browse for more days or even weeks, you need to subscribe to weekly or monthly glo data plan that will open your way to unlimited downloading and internet for that period of time. Similarly, if you subscribe to glo 14 days plan which costs N500, you can browse unlimited for 14 days with Uc Mini or Uc Super MOD. I hope you get the trick now. Good.

Always ensure you restrict background data connection whenever you subscribe to data and about to use this cheat. This is to avoid your data being used or drained by apps that works in background without your consent. It will also help prolong your browsing time as your data remains intact and if it must be deducted, it will be little deduction.


The UC Super Mod handler (by wellingtonmods) is similar to the popular uc mini handler but delivers a better download speed and faster browsing than the later.
The handler works for all movie site and browses at high speed. Also, the application or handler is very easy to set, you don't need many settings. You can get up to 2MB/S on download speed but remember it doesn't power all apps. This means, when it's connected, you only enjoy and use it to browse and download as you like. You won't be able to use it on other apps on your phone. Just as UC Mini.

  1. Download UC Super Mod Handler application HERE
  2. Install the app and open it. 
  3. Leave the settings you see as default untouched. But set the empty spaces like this;
  4. Headers:
  5. proxy port: 8081 or 80
  6. path for download:
  7. Tick "YouTube Link Capture
NOTE: It's important you check your Glo data when browsing by dialing *127*0#. If your data remains the same, then you are good to go. Ensure you also check your airtime if it's deducted by dialing #124#1#.

That's how to configure Glo 0.00kb unlimited cheat on UC Super Mod. Meanwhile if you still need the working UC Mini Handler settings, I have it below for you.

  1. First, download UC mini handler here
  2. install and run the app
  3. Tick Remove Port
  4. Proxy Server:
  5. Real Proxy Type: Direct
  6. Real Proxy Port: 80
Unfortunately, UC MINI Handler doesn't work with some movie sites like, and some other movie websites, but it works with so you can still enjoy your movie sites.
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