Twitter Display Name Character Now Increased to 50

Twitter is right now living up to the expectations following recent updates. Just few days after increasing its 140 character tweet limit to 280 characters, Twitter has now added more spice by also increasing the display name character to 50
However, it's surprising to know that many users see the new 280-character tweet limit as an unnecessary move. The social platform has been flooded with updates mocking the change since it came into effect.

If you are familiar with Twitter, you would have noticed that the display name could only contain 20 characters before this latest update. However, now you have 50 characters.

Note that this change is only applicable to display names and not to the user names. To make it clearer, the Twitter username is what follows the @ symbol and is often referred to as a "handle." That is still, for now, blessedly limited to 15 characters. In other hand, the display name, is that thing people fill with emoji. Got it?

This is actually a welcomed development as users has expected this for a long time. It will surely make the platform more interesting.   
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