China Unveils First Solar-Panel Highway In the World

China has unveiled World's first 'solar-panel highway' for traffic. The road is the first freeway photovoltaic pavement experiment section in the world. Reports has it that the country spends huge amount of money for importation of petroleum products used for powering cars, machineries and other automobiles. Also the China is not happy they way carbon dioxide emission is increasing by the day as a result of the smokes coming from this cars so they are trying alternatives to minimize or finally solve the issue in the future.

China want to eliminate the bad effects of smoke from engines by introducing solar powered highways that can charge solar powered cars in the future. At the moment, the new solar express road is open and cars are already running as you can see from this video courtesy of CGTN YouTube.

The first test was carried out on Thursday last week on the highway. The kilometer-long stretch in Jinan city, the capital of Shandong province could revolutionise transport as it can support future wireless charging which can recharges electric cars.


According to the builders Qilu Transportation Development Group, the stretch reportedly consists of three layers, i.e. insulating layer on the bottom, transparent concrete on the top and photovoltaic panels in the middle. Covering approximately 5,874 square meters, the panels on the road comes with a total installed capacity of 800 kilowatts.

Solar Panel HighWay
The power, thus generated, as per a report in XinhuaNet will be used to power highway lights, signboards, surveillance cameras, tunnel, and toll gate facilities, whereas the surplus power will be supplied to the state grid. "The project will save the space for building solar farms and shorten the transmission distance," said Xu Chunfu, the group's chairman was quoted in the report.

Solar Highway
In the near future, the road will also feature ports and internet connectivity for road users.

This is one of the reasons I respect China. They are very creative and thinks out of the box. This is worthy of emulation. What an Achievement!
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