How to Unbrick Huawei Honor 7X (BND-Al10)

Huawei’s sub-brand Honor recently launched its latest budget offering, Honor 7X which is the successor to the Honor 6X. Honor 7X brings the trending 18:9 display from flagships into the budget range which will be its biggest selling point. The beautiful display is paired with a decent camera setup both on the front and the back, two on the rear in fact. It comes with two storage options at 32GB and 64GB both with 4GB RAM. It hasn’t been that long but the device can already be rooted in case you didn’t know. 

  1. If you have managed to brick your device you most probably have an unlocked bootloader already. If not, you should go unlock it now since that will be needed.
  2. The method requires the use of a TWRP recovery which is only possible with an unlocked bootloader. There’s a good chance you also have that installed because how else could you have bricked your device.
  3. You’ll also need a working USB cable and either a USB OTG drive or an external microSD card.
Just in case your device still has a locked bootloader, you can follow our guide (linked below) to do just that. Although, if you haven’t done anything to void your device’s warranty, such as rooting it or unlocking the bootloader, etc. it is better to just take it to a Huawei service center.

The method described here has originally been shared by XDA member sid21. He has also tested it and found it to be working but that does not guarantee that it will work for you. In any case, your device is already bricked so why not just try it. Also, note that using this method you can only flash the Chinese firmware on your device. This is because the full firmware for the international variant is not officially (or unofficially for that matter) available yet. So essentially it is a “restore” only if you have a BND-AL10.
  1. BND-AL10 full firmware (Download all three zip files. In case you are asked for a password at any stage, use: 4pda)
  2. Huawei Multi-Tool v8 (Extract the downloaded zip and install the multi-tool)
  3. TWRP image for Honor 7X
How to Unbrick Huawei Honor 7X (BND-Al10)

Flash Vendor.img
  • Assuming you have the Multi-tool installed, launch it and then connect your Honor 7X in fastboot mode to your PC. You can do this by holding the Volume Down key on your powered-off device while connecting it to your PC with a USB cable.
  • On the Multi-tool, click on the Recovery tab and then click the Select image button under Flashing custom Recovery/eRecovery images
  • Select the downloaded TWRP image and click Flash Recovery.
  • Once the recovery is flashed, disconnect your phone and power it off again.
  • Extract the contents of the downloaded file into a folder. You should have an UPDATE.APP file now in this folder.
  • Click on the Launch Huawei Update Extractor button under the Unbrick tab. 
  • Click on the button showed in the screenshot above and browse to the extracted folder, then select the UPDATE.APP file. Extract the contents into a folder named updateappone.
  • Right-click on an empty space in the Extractor tool and select Extract all.
  • In the extracted UPDATE.APP folder, find the Vendor.img and copy it to an external microSD card (or a USB OTG) and place the card into your phone.
  • Now boot your device in recovery mode by pressing the Power and Volume Upbuttons together while the device is powered off.
  • In the recovery mode, select Wipe > Advanced Wipe and select all the available partitions, then swipe at the bottom to wipe all of them.
  • Go back to the TWRP main page and select Install > Install IMG.
  • Select the vendor.img from the microSD card and swipe at the bottom to flash it. Make sure you flash it to the Vendor partition only.
Flash CUST.img
  • Once done, power off your device again and connect it to your PC in fastboot mode.
  • Now extract the zip named update_full_BND-device-model_hw_your-region
  • You’ll have another UPDATE.APP now. Extract it as before and you’ll have a CUST.img file in the extracted folder. If you have a version.img file instead, rename it to CUST.img.
  • Copy this CUST.img into the updateappone folder.
  • In the Multi-tool, click on the Specify folder button under the Unbrick tab and select the updateappone folder. You should now have 4 of the required 5 images.
  • Click on the Unbrick button then sit and wait for the process to complete.
  • Once the process is complete, reboot your phone and set it up.
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