How to Set up Android, iPhone and Desktop built-in (PPTP )VPN With Free Servers

This is one of the post I’ve been shying away from for a very long time but I just have to write it. I’m aware some individuals are unable to access blogger blog for a while now must especially if you are using Glo network to connect but this post will help you fix it.
The steps explained in this articles will work on Android, iOS and Windows PC devices regardless of the country you are situated.

Every devices comes with built-in VPN which some have seen but don’t know how to use it. I’ll quickly show you how to make use of your inbuilt VPN free of charge and where you can generate servers, password and username.

How to Set Up Free VPN on Android
  • On Your Android, go to settings>>More>>VPN or settings>>Wireless Network>>VPN
  • Now tap the Add VPN button. The screen will display a list of various types of VPNs
  • Configure the VPN as seen below;
  1. VPN Name: YomiProf or anything
  2. VPN Servers:
  3. Username: free
  4. Password: 4532
  • Hit save and Connect Your VPN
How to Set up Free VPN on iPhone/iPad
1. Go to settings from your home screen>>General - Network - VPN - Add VPN Configuration to pop up the configuration window as below:

Fill each field as:
  1. Type: PPTP
  2. Description: SuperFreeVPN.COM
  3. Server:
  4. Account: free
  5. Password: Currently the latest 4 digits password as seen below.
  6. Now save the settings;
  7. Change the VPN switch button from OFF to ON position, that's all!
How to Set up Free VPN on Desktop
Same process applies to all version of windows but I’ll be using Windows 10 as a reference

Step 1: On Windows 7 Go to start-Control panel>>Network and connection>>New Connection>>VPN
On Windows 10 go to settings>>VPN

Step 2: Add a new VPN

Step 3: Set it up as seen below;
  1. Connection Name:
  2. VPN type: PPTP
  3. Server address:
  4. Save and hit the connect button
You can use any of the servers, username and password below.

How Can I Get More Servers?
You can also use the following servers:
  1. UK-England-London server: (username: free, Password: 5611)
  2. United State server : free, Password: 1483)
  3. Canada server: (username: free, Password: 1441)
  4. Netherland server : (username: free, Password:8728)
Note: Password are usually changed all the time, always visit for the latest password and servers.
  1. (US VPN)
  2. (US VPN)
  3. (Canada VPN)
  4. (Germany VPN)
  5. (Frace VPN)
  6. username: vpnbook
  7. password: wzxm337
Note: Password are usually changed all the time, always visit for updated password.

You can also check for more free servers. 

How to Delete The VPN Settings
To delete the VPN settings on Android, iPhone, and Windows, edit the vpn settings and hit the delete button at the tail end of the settings and everything will go back to default.

If you have any challenges with connections, always refer to the comment section for a help.
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