How You Can Make DSTV Subscription Payments in Nigeria

In this post, i will be showing you different methods you can use and make your DSTV subscription payment here in Nigeria.

This post will answer this questions below;
  • Where can i pay my DSTV subscription bills?
  • Is it possible to make my DSTV subscription bills online?
  • What is the fastest means to pay my DSTV subscription bills?

How You Can Make DSTV Subscription Payments in Nigeria

DSTV has made available different dstv subscription bills payment methods available for dstv users here in Nigeria. You can easily pay your dstv subscription at any Multichoice Africa branch near you. Alternatively you can make use of one of the easy and convenient payment options listed below :

DsTV Online Payment via
It’s easy to make a payment with DStv Eazy Self Service. You can pay for your own subscription or pay for someone else. You can even pay from abroad (only for selected countries). Visit and then log into your dstv account. Enter the smartcard number of the dstv account you want to pay for, verify and follow the prompts.

QuickTeller DstV Payment Option
QuickTeller allows DStv customers to pay for dstv subscriptions online. You can make dstv payment with Quickteller on the web, at ATM or via the Quickteller mobile app. You will have to make use of your debit card (Verve, MasterCard etc) for you to be able to pay through Quickteller. If payment is successful, your DStv account will be credited and your viewing will be restored.

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Paying for DsTV Subscription With Nigerian Banks Mobile Banking Apps
Many Nigerian banks offer mobile banking apps which can be used to pay MultiChoice dstv Nigeria subscription. When making the payment, you will ve required to provide the dstv smart card number that you want to recharge, the phone number of the customer and other neccessary details. I currently subscribe dstv on my phone by making use of FirstMobile application by First Bank.

MyPaga Dstv Payment Method

At, you can pay for dstv subscription online by making use of the available balance in your paga wallet or by making use of your debit card. You can also make use of the Paga mobile app or by selecting the Paga e-Pay dstv payment option when you sign in to your dstv account via visit
eTranzact DsTV Payment Option
The eTranzact BankIT solution allows you to pay for your subscription, directly from your bank account, online and on mobile. etranzact offers dstv ussd payment option, hence allowing you to recharge dstv on mobile phones.

To pay for dstv on mobile via etranzact option, simply dial 389# to access the PocketMoni dstv payment options, select the “pay bills” option and follow the prompts. Alternatively, you can dial 3899 smartcardnumber # then follow the prompts.
KongaPay DsTV Payment Method
To make payments for your DStv subscription using KongaPay, visit or download the app ( available for Android and iOS devices) and then register or log in to your account. Go to services and bills and select TV subscription, select DStv as the subscription type, input your smart card number and follow the instruction. Kindly note that you can use KongaPay to autorenew dstv payments every month.

You can check out more dstv payment options at the dstv self service portal.

I will like to hear or know more methods DSTV users can pay their subscription bills, so if you know other methods of paying for dstv subscription in Nigeria, kindly share via comment box below.
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