January 2018 New 9MOBILE Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat Via GO VPN | How Download & Use

We now have January 2018 9Mobile Unlimited free browsing cheat it is as blazing as always. The 9mobile unlimited free browsing cheat works with GO VPN application for Android smartphones. Although this cheat has been reported to be slow but it gets faster when downloading with UC mini handler application.
We all are aware that the era of free browsing is gradually fading out as our telecom companies are wiser and blocks every possible loophole but the interesting part is they also offer affordable data plans that anyone can subscribe and get connected online. You can check available data plans from all the networks in Nigeria here.

January 2018 New 9MOBILE Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat Via GO VPN | How Download & Use
But before I unveils the procedures on how to activate and use this cheat for free, permit me to introduce the wonderful application behind it. The application is called Go VPN, just like other virtual private network apps, it helps you bypass blocked or restricted websites as well as giving you access to both free and VIP servers from various top countries like United states, Canada, France, to mention but a few.

  1. EASY - No set up, no registration, no signup, no settings, just click and go! All you do is install it and push the ON button!
  2. SAFE - Encrypts your internet traffic,top server speed & reliability,using most secure VPN solution
  3. Largest VPN Coverage - GO VPN offers VPN coverage including ,US,UK,CA,JP and more countries.
  4. Unparalleled VPN Performance - our proprietary servers ensure the fastest VPN speed, most stable and secured connections.
The application offers a high-speed and encrypted VPN connection to your smartphone or tablet. Unblock your favorite websites and apps with GO VPN any time!

  1. Your Android phone 
  2. Your 9Mobile (Etisalat) SIM with no airtime or data
  3. Go VPN application Google Play Store 
  4. UC Mini Browser application
  5. Stable 3G or 4G network 
  1. First of all, you need to download GO VPN via Google Play Store
  2. Next, launch the vpn app
  3. Then switch on your 9mobile data service
  4. Now click on select server 
  5. Ignore the VIP servers which are paid premium servers 
  6. Scroll down to see the free servers and select a country of your choice 
  7. Now it will connect but if it doesn't, go back and tap on "Paper Plane" to connect VPN. 
You have successfully connected the cheat and you can now start enjoying it. If you are confused or didn't get the procedures very well, you can see the screenshots.

One of the disadvantages of this cheat is that it's slow but to make it faster, download UC mini browser to browse and download your favorite stuffs. It's much better for downloading though.

If it works for you also, kindly hit the share buttons and drop comments below.
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