Devices that are Not Certified by Google, will not be Able to Run Apps | How to

In other words, you can say Android is Google and Google is android; this is why I said so because some users have been reporting that they've been getting notifications informing them that their access to Google services has been stopped because their device or the software on their device isn't certified.

This is happening because every device manufacturer is expected to go through a process called Google's CDD (Compatibility Definition Document) and CTS (Compatibility Test Suite). After passing those tests and paying a license fee for the use of Google services, manufacturers would be allowed to preload Google's full suite of apps on their devices.

However, some device manufacturer didn’t go through that process, they bypass the process, preferred to ship their device with their own application storefronts and services, like Amazon and other Chinese vendors.

Previously, it was possible for uncertified devices to still make use of Google apps (shortened as ‘Gapps’ by the community), but now it appears that Google is cracking down those devices—while still allowing custom ROM users to use Gapps!

If you get the message that your device isn’t certified by Google, you won’t be allowed to sign into your google account nor be able to use any google services on your smartphone.

Here is what you should do,

If you are running a ROM (custom version of Android) on a certified device, you can enter your Android ID here to get it certified. You can find out your Android ID by downloading the Device ID app, entering ##8255##in your phone dialer, or going into Menu > Settings > About Phone > Status.

>>You can use Titanum back up to restore your ID.
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