Twitter Bans Cryptocurrency Related Ads

Just two weeks ago, Google announced that it will be joining the likes of Facebook in banning Crypto-currency adverts starting from June 2018. Twitter on the other hand has confirmed that it would follow Facebook and Google in clamping down on crypto-related advertising.

Twitter announced that a new Policy will be rolled out in the course of the next 30 days, and the policy prohibits advertising of initial coin offerings, ICOs, a form of crowd-funding used to raise cash by creating new coins.

Also included are adverts that promote token sales and crypto wallet services, the company said in a statement. The policy will also ban adverts from crypto-exchanges, with some limited exceptions.

For Japan, these will be limited to crypto exchanges regulated by its national financial regulator, Twitter said.

Twitter said this month it was taking measures to prevent crypto-related accounts from engaging with others in a deceptive manner,’ but it has faced calls to go further after bans by Facebook and Google.

The truth still remains; cryptocurrency is here to stay for good… only the fake currency will die a natural death.
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