How To Get and Use 10GB Data For N2000 (30Days) in 9Mobile Now Teleology Holding

I can imagined the look in your face when you saw this post How To Get and Use 10GB Data For N2000 in 9Mobile Now Teleology Holding. The moment you saw 10GB for N2000 to last you for 30 days, I know a lot of you quickly opened this post to check how it’s done but read on.

There are lots of cheap data plans you can always go for but like it was reviewed earlier this point, you have varieties of options depending on your location. But this has been saving lives since 1900BC. Now that Teleology Holding has officially acquired 9mobile, I hope something better than this will come up.

It is an interesting fact that 9mobile, Nigeria 4th largest telecom operator offers you option to subscribe for 1GB for N200 data and it doesn’t zap, and best recommended for everyone. The validity period for this plan is just 3 days, in which you can resubscribe again once it expires.

In other words, you can get 5GB of data for just N1000 on 9mobile network to last you for 15 days… and 10GB for N2000 to last you for 30days. In my observation of 9mobile network speed, it is fast in areas that cover 4G LTE and it’s available in almost all locations.

Do this calculation.

1GB is N200 for 3 days.
Subscribing every 3 days for 10 days is 3 * 10 = 30 days.
Now N200 * 10 days = N2000.
1GB * 10 days = 10GB.
This is a simple mathematics.

This article has been posted before, some are rocking it codedly while some others are busy draining the server of ntel data in locations available since it offers you free 10GB data on any sim purchased. But if you are like me, you’ll dust off your 9mobile sim, and simply dial *929*10# to get activated… dial *228# for data balance.

If you don’t have a 9mobile sim, you can simply get one for yourself and join the train. Let us know via the comment if you are currently rocking this plan on 9mobile network.
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