All You Need to Know About TSTV Sassy Decoder 8 Hidden Truth

A lot of expectant Nigerians have been asking what Sassy decoder is. Just yesterday TSTV tweeted on social media the arrival of ‘sister sassy’, the new TSTV decoder that will be on sale come 1st of April. I took my time to make a little bit of research on what the decoder is all about while taking a cup of coffee in my office.

All You Need to Know About TSTV Sassy Decoder 8 Hidden Truth
  1. TSTV Sassy decorder will be sold for N3500 including the dish plus remote
  2. Sassy decoder contains up to 70+ Channel
  3. Pause Subscription: Sassy decoder comes with Pause subscription. You can only pause your subscription for seven days. Which means you have 7 days of grace plus your 30 days validity period?
  4. Pause Subscription is Only Available for 1 month subscription plan
  5. PVR Function: You can record videos with sassy decoder and play later.
  6. Daily Subscription cost as low as N200, 3 days subscription (N500), Weekly subscription (N750) etc.
  7. You’ll be able to Pay for your TSTV Sassy Decoder subscription plan using Quickteller platform
  8. TSTV Sassy decoder is not internet enabled hence you won’t be getting the free 20GB promised.
Note: There are two set of decoders, the other is Dexterity which comes with the free 20GB data + 200 Channels but won’t be on sale for now. Only aunty Sassy will be on sale come 1st of April 2018.
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