Google Assistant Will now tell you of Potential Flight Delays

Lots of people are already flying all over the place this time of the year, and some will encounter flight delays and all that but Google is working on something that will soon be able to deliver your flight delay information.

For example, Google Assistant can predict whether your flight is going to be delayed. All you have to do is ask the virtual personal assistant questions like, “Hey Google, is my flight on time?” or “Hey Google, what’s the status of the Ethopia Airlines flight from Abuja to Dubai?.”

If there’s an actual delay, Assistant will obviously let you know. However, if there is no delay but Assistant predicts there will be, it will let you know that, too.

To make things even more helpful, Assistant will eventually warn you on your phone if it thinks your flight might be delayed, and even tell you why.

Google uses machine learning to make the delay predictions, which it delivers with an 85 percent confidence rate.

Access to predictive flight information via Google Assistant voice commands is rolling out right now, while the proactive information in the Assistant app will roll out in the coming weeks.
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