Telegram Adds Dedicated tools for Polls and Image Search

In terms of updates and extensional functionalities, Telegram is leading and now more updates has been roll out to the chat messaging app.

The latest Telegram update introduces a dedicated tool for polls in addition to the already existing bots like @vote that allows you to do polls to some degree. The new built-in polls are perfect for groups or channels with a large number of members, but they can also be forwarded to increase reach.

Telegram users can even pin these polls for better visibility. However, as a company that prouds itself for never disclosing its users’ private data, these polls are anonymous for the time being, which means that you can’t see who voted for what.

Non-anonymous polls will be introduce later in the future, where the voters lists will be public, but they will be marked as non-anonymous.

And for iOS users on Telegram, Image search has also been improved upon, meaning you can now use web search to find images when sending photo and video attachments or choose a profile from the iOS app.
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