New Email Breach How to Check if Your Email is Affected

According to latest reports, millions of email addresses and passwords have been compromised and posted online for anyone to download and all blame is pointing to ES file explorer’s data vulnerability.

In the history of data breach and especially email addresses, this is the largest public data breach, over 772,904,991 unique emails and 21,222,975 unique passwords have been exposed so far.

Now, what this means is that the list could be used by hackers to carry out “credential stuffing” attacks, where hackers take lists of usernames and passwords and enter them on a range of other platforms to try and force access to different user accounts.

According to researchers:
People take lists like these that contain our email addresses and passwords then they attempt to see where else they work. 
The success of this approach is predicated on the fact that people reuse the same credentials on multiple services. Perhaps your personal data is on this list because you signed up to a forum many years ago you’ve long since forgotten about, but because its subsequently been breached and you’ve been using that same password all over the place, you’ve got a serious problem.
How To Check if Your Email is Affected

  1. To check if your email address is on the list, just head to the site
  2. Enter your email address in the dialog box.
  3. If your email ID was not part of the data breach, 
you will get a message as shown below:

But if it was, you’d get something like this:

One of my email addresses (an old one, though) was spotted on the list, but i have already changed my password to something more secure.
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