How To Use GTBank Fast Track Deposit Via *737#

If you are banking with GTBank, this information is for you. This post will show you how you can deposit money in your GTB account or friends GTB account without filling any form, it is called  GTB 737 Fast Track Deposit.

What you Need To Know About GTB Fast Track Deposit  Via *737# 

The 737 Fast Track Deposit enables GTBank customers make deposits using the Fast Track points in the bank without filling the deposit slip or use a Debit Card.

How To GTBank Fast Track Deposit Using *737#
  1. Dial *737*48*Amount*Account Number# from your registered phone number with the bank to initiate.
  2. Select 1 to continue if you are sure of the recipient name displayed on your screen.
  3. Then proceed to the bank teller to deposit cash.
This is just a simple way of depositing cash without passing through all the frustrating process of filling a deposit slip.
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