Google Duo Now Available on the Web, Supports Both Video and Voice Calls

The video chat service from Google - Duo, which was earlier limited to just Android and iOS apps, is now available to the Web users too! This means you can make voice and video calls from your web browser without needing to download the Google Duo app.

Google Duo debuted at Google I/O 2016. It was released later that same year alongside Google Allo. While Allo is dedicated to instant messaging, Duo is dedicated to voice and video calls.

Duo video calling on the web supports browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari – but Microsoft’s Edge browser on Windows isn’t supported. The interface is fairly simple; it shows recent contacts listed at the top, full list of all contacts placed below. Google Duo on the web supports browser notifications for incoming calls.

While users on other browsers seem to be having issues accessing the Duo for the web, it seems to be perfectly working for Chrome users accessing it via their non-G Suite accounts.

How To Use Duo for Web
  1. Simply visit
  2. Once link open, the existing and active users are shown a list of their contacts and a search/ input box, where they can search a contact to ping or directly dial a contact's number. The new Duo users will have to verify their number to continue using Google Duo.
Google Duo's Web version supports both voice and video calls. You can also answer Duo calls on the Web version.
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