Huawei Can not Install Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp On New Smartphones

New information about the fight between the United States and the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Huawei that began a few weeks ago with the prohibition of the tech giant Google for the Chinese giant Huawei.

Since then the events have precipitated and have ended up damaging the users of this smartphone brand that have many doubts about their future. While for now, the firm, Huawei is busy looking for a propitiatory position and indicates that it also has alternatives in its bucket.

However, now, according to the latest reports, it is known that users will have to manually install the well-known social network apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram on Huawei smartphones.

As the social network giant Facebook has stopped allowing the pre-installation of its applications in Huawei smartphones in the last prohibition known to the well-known Chinese company, Huawei. As we know, it is usual practice of manufacturers, especially in Android, to include the most used applications installed by default so that users do not have to complicate their lives first.

This information was advanced by the well-known media portal, Reuters, who also stated that being Facebook, it does not only affect the application of the social network but, it also affects the WhatsApp and Instagram as well.

As the denial of the North American companies continues ahead in what many consider a plan of the president of the US, Donald Trump to be able to confront the commercial negotiations in a position of superiority.

Hence, the customers who already have Huawei smartphones will not be affected by this prohibition and may continue to have the applications with their corresponding updates. However, the new Huawei smartphones that are coming to the market may not have the Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram applications pre-installed in it.

Other applications that usually come pre-installed are like Twitter, has not yet spoken about this issue and the possible prohibition to Huawei. However, the fact is that the users can download them freely by their own, the only thing that will not be done is to maintain the agreement to have them pre-installed.

Hence, here we have to see how it affects us if they do not come pre-installed in Huawei smartphones. Not the social network giant Facebook nor the Chinese giant Huawei has commented yet on the matter, although it seems that there are differences with the tech giant Google’s denial.

While Google prohibition comes into effect in 90 days since it all exploded, the Facebook refusal goes into effect for any Huawei smartphone that is being manufactured at the moment. Basically, we will closely follow the movements and statements of these companies simply to deliver more and exact information about it.
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