Meet HarmonyOS Huawei New Operating System

Well, if you have been reading tech news for a while, then you might know about the US trade ban on Huawei. The ban was lifted now, and all US Companies were now allowed to sell and purchase products from Huawei.

However, during the ban, the Chinese Company, of course, Huawei was reportedly found working on a new operating system.

The company is said to be working on creating an Android alternative that would power Huawei smartphones. The operating system was expected to be named ‘Hongmeng OS’. Soon after that report, a new report surfaced online which tells that Huawei has registered the name ‘Harmony’ in reference to the mobile operating system.

After all speculations, Huawei Technologies had finally unveiled its proprietary operating system for smartphone and other devices. Huawei officially introduced its HarmonyOS at the annual Huawei Developers Conference in Dongguan, China.

HarmonyOS is based on what the company is calling “the first microkernel-based distributed OS for all scenarios”. That means that the operating system will be powering a wide range of devices like smart speakers, TVs, wearables, and smartphones.

According to CEO Richard Yu, who led the keynote, the operating system has been in development since 2017, and the first product running HarmonyOS will be unveiled tomorrow by the sub-brand Honor.

Richard Yu does claim that Harmony OS can theoretically replace Android, but for now, Huawei will stick with Android due to the benefit of users and for its app platform.

If you are wondering, whether HarmonyOS will support Android apps or not, then let me tell you that Richard Yu said that the new operating system would support all Android apps.

The company also said that they would open-source HarmonyOS soon. Until then, the company will lay the foundations for its new operating system in the Chinese Marketplace and then expand it globally.
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