Receiver Pays For Phone Call on Airtel NG Network

In this post, i will be showing you how you can call someone and they will be paying for it in Airtel Nigeria network. In my previous post, i showed you guys how you can flash or make a quick call to someone with no airtime or 0.0kb in your Airtel NG line, click here to read more.

Airtel Nigeria has provided a new code to make this possible, and that's the main reason why i made this post. 

How to Make Receiver Pay For Phone Call on Airtel NG Network
This is very simple. All what you need to do is dial # followed by the number you want to call. For example; #08012345678.

When the receiver picks the call, they will be billed for the call. This is more like the Receiver Pay call service on 9mobile.

NOTE: You can only use it for Airtel to Airtel calls.

That's all. Hope you find this post useful? 

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