Google Photos Can Now Find Text In Photos

Before now, Google Photos can recognize objects, events, human faces, and pets that are categorized to facilitate searching. But now, thanks to optical character recognition filters, Google’s online photo storage application can also recognize texts.

Citing 9to5 Google, the technology has previously been present in Google Lens to scan text and bring up search results on Google Search related to the text in question.

To categorize photos, Google will still need location data from images.

Google Photos based text search is suitable for searching for screenshot photos (screenshots) of articles, documents, or other objects that happen to have text inside them.

Currently, the feature has rolled. Both Android and iOS users can use it on condition that they have updated Google Photo to the latest version.

Recently, Google Photos also changed its appearance. Google added night mode as a background for Google Photos.

Google also launched Gallery Go which is a lightweight version of Google Photos. Like several other ‘Go’ appendix applications, Gallery Go also consumes less data than regular Google Photos.
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