How To Browse Without SIM Card Via SIMO App

Meet a Chip-level virtual SIM solution for Android devices which enables you to access the internet without a SIM and Wi-Fi. 

For now, this new SIMO feature is not supported by every smartphone. With SIMO Ultimate connectivity app, you can actually browse the internet with or without a sim card for supported smartphones.

Supported phones for now are the Tecno Camon 12, Camon 12 Pro and the Camon 12 Air. This is because, these phones are built with a Virtual Sim chip technology that allows you to enjoy high internet speed even without a Sim card.

What Is SIMO? 

SIMO is a virtual data technology that gets you connected to the internet without using a sim card or even WiFi. When you install SIMO on a supported phone, you can connect to the internet in over 130 countries & regions without a SIM card.

Features And Benefits Of SIMO
  • When using SIMO, you don't need to insert a sim in your phone. Even if there is a sim, you don't need to turn on your data connection. It simply works with or without a sim card inserted.
  • With SIMO, you will get to use different networks. You won't be stucked or tied to a particular network provider. You may see Airtel NG connected, but the next time you connect, you might see Glo, MTN or 9mobile network connectivity.
  • You pay as you go when using SIMO. No contracts, no paperwork, no limits.
  • The most interesting part of it all, you will get free 10GB trial data as a new user for the first month of using the SIMO App.
  • SIMO offers Roaming-free service. You pay a low rate for data no matter where you go. No surprise roaming charges or expensive international phone plans.
Supported Devices For SIMO

Like I earlier said, your phone need to have an inbuilt virtual sim chip technology, else SIMO won't work on that phone.

For now, the supported phones for SIMO are;
  • Tecno Camon 12 (Available in Nigeria)
  • Tecno Camon 12 Air (Available in Nigeria)
  • Tecno Camon 12 Pro (Available in Nigeria)
  • BLU G9 (Available in the U.S. and American countries)
  • Wiko Tommy 3 (Available in Indonesia)
How To Use SIMO App On Your Phone
  1. First of all, download SIMO app here
  2. Enable your phone Wi-Fi connection
  3. Launch the SIMO app on your supported phone like the Tecno Camon 12 series.
  4. Sign up using your email address, social profile or phone number
  5. After successful login, turn off your wifi and click the ‘Connect’ button on SIMO homepage to get your phone connected with a local network.
After exhausting your free 10GB trial data, you're required to pay for data plan on SIMO app to continue enjoying more data services.

That's all. You can now browse the internet without using your physical sim card.

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