Bill Gates’ Biggest Regret Becomes Windows Mobile

Founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, regretted his failure in the past that resulted in the Windows Mobile software losing competitiveness from Android.

“If I hadn’t been hit by an antitrust case, we would have been very close. I was very worried. I made it chaotic because it was doubtful,” Gates recently told The New York Times’ DealBook Conference, in New York, USA.

The US government clashed with Microsoft around 1998, the computer giant accused of monopolizing the PC market.

“Antitrust demands are not good for Microsoft at that time, we should focus more on making the operating system for mobile phones. So, instead of Android, maybe today you are using Windows Mobile,” Gates said.

This antitrust problem resulted in Microsoft making a wrong move and wasting a huge opportunity for Windows Mobile. Microsoft is also considered unwise when switching from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone devices, which actually makes Android big.

“We were just three months too late on a release Motorola would have used on a phone, so yes it’s a winner takes all game,” Bill Gates said.
“Now, no one has ever heard of Windows Mobile,” he added.

Gates did not explain what Motorola cellphone meant, but, 10 years ago, Motorola released a Droid phone powered by the Android operating system.

The market response for Motorola at that time was very good, supported also by the mobile operator Verizon. At that time, Windows Mobile was experiencing difficulties.

Mid this year, Gates has also revealed his regret of losing to Android, which he called ‘the biggest mistake’. According to Gates, Microsoft’s loss reached US $400 billion.
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