Foldable Huawei Mate X Sold Out Within A Day

After the first Huawei folding phone was announced earlier this year, it remained silent for a while. The Huawei Mate X would initially be sold mid-2019, but this was subsequently postponed several times. Potential buyers have had to wait long, but yesterday the smartphone was finally sold in their home country of China. And that was a success, reports PlayfulDroid. It took only a few minutes for the stock to run out and the available copies were sold out.

Huawei has underestimated the interest in the Mate X or it has simply not been able to build up stock in recent months. Whatever the reason, the Mate X is extremely popular in China, which means that the available models are already sold out within one day. Buyers who were late will get a second chance in just over a week, when the Mate X will be sold again via a flash sale in the Vmall webshop on 22 November.

The foldable smartphones are popular. The Huawei Mate X is not the first foldable phone that is sold out so quickly. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold went on sale on November 8 and was then sold out within 5 minutes. And just like with the Mate X, the Galaxy Fold was also offered for the second time a week later, after which it was sold out again in no time.

All this paints a fairly clear picture of the popularity of such foldable smartphones, although so far this can only be confirmed for the Chinese market. Despite the expensive price tag of the folding models, consumers seem willing to pay for it, at least to be the first with such a device.

It remains to be seen whether the African market is as cheap as the Chinese. No folding model is currently being supplied in Nigeria. This applies to the Mate X from Huawei, the Samsung Galaxy Fold and also the Motorola Razr is not marketed in Nigeria. Nonetheless, some of these devices can be shopped from international shopping websites such as AliExpress and Amazon.
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