Meet Intel Folding Screen Laptop Without a Keyboard

The annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2020 event taking place in Las Vegas, USA, is used by Intel to showcase their latest innovations, one of which is a prototype of a full-touch folding laptop screen without a physical keyboard.

“At Intel, our ambition is to help consumers feel the latest technological changes such as artificial intelligence, 5G and others so that we can enrich this life and shape the world in the coming decades,” Intel CEO Bob Swan said in a press release on Intel’s official website.

The technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, USA is reportedly developing a new device that is coded ‘Horseshoe Bend’, in the form of a laptop that is fully touch screen, without a physical keyboard.

The physical appearance of this device is similar to a 12-inch laptop. When opened, the total screen size becomes more than 17 inches.

The ‘Horseshoe Bend’ laptop screen uses an OLED panel, while for the chipset, it will use the latest Intel Core coded ‘Tiger Lake’ which Intel will reportedly launch this year.

It is said, ‘Tiger Lake’ has the ability to optimize CPU, artificial intelligence accelerator and discrete graphics based on Intel X architecture.

In addition, ‘Tiger Lake’ also promises better graphics performance and speeds up to four times that of USB 3 which is integrated with Thunderbolt 4.
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