Top 10 Best Android Games In 2020 Which You Should Play

If you are looking for the best android games in 2020 then you are in the right place, Here in this article, we are going to share with you a list of top 10 best android games in 2020.

Android is now becoming more popular among gamers. Currently, lots of players are also streaming Android Games on Youtube.

Almost all the below-featured games are free and available on Google Playstore; You can download and install them from there.

List of Top 10 Best Android Games In 2020 Which You Should Play

1. Fortnite | Epic Games

Fortnite is the high-end online Battle Royale; it developed by Epic Games. Fortnite is another open-world battle royal game, but in terms of graphics, you will experience the graphic that you never experience before.

You can choose from a wide range of weapons, modes, vehicles, and locations. Fortnite is free to play, but you can download and install it from Google Playstore, you can visit their official website for more information.

2. PUBG Mobile

When it comes to Android Games PUBG is the first name that comes in mind, PUBG is a royal battle game, designed and developed by the Tencent Games. PUBG mobile will offer you the most intense free-to-play multiplayer action on mobile.

While playing, you will feel like the real battle; there are multiple weapons, vehicles, and locations. You can play in different modes including Survive epic 100-player classic battles, payload mode, and fast-paced 4v4 team deathmatch and zombie modes.

3. Garena Free Fire: Winterlands

Garena Free Fire is another best battel royal game, In-game, you will be placed on a remote island, and you have to survive against another 49 players.

Free Fire is the best game for low-end devices, even on 1 GB of RAM, you will not experience any lag and frame drop. You can create squads of up to 4 players and organize communication with your team at the very first instant.

4. Call of Duty®: Mobile

Call of Duty is an evident competition to PUBG; you can play in solo or a team of 4 players. It’s a first-person shooter video game franchise developed by Activision.

Call of Duty is all about to survive, you will be placed on the island, and you have to survive against the 99 players like you, there is only one winner. You can choose from different weapons, locations, and modes.

5. Clash of Clans

Not just in 2020, Clash of Clans is favorite among Android users from a long time. Its a most played puzzle game; you have to match the row or column of three or more.

Now you can upgrade to the brand new Town Hall 13 and devastate your foes with the Giga Inferno & an all-new Hero, the Royal Champion joins your army with her trusty spear and crushing Seeking Shield.

6. Minecraft

Minecraft allows you to build whatever you want; You can play with up to 10 friends cross-platform, anytime, anywhere on Areas, you can purchase the private server for you.

You can customize and make your experience even better with their add ons; the game will also allow you to modify data-driven behaviors in-game to create a new resource pack.

7. Asphalt 8: Airborne

When it comes to the best racing game in android, Asphalt 8 is the first game that comes in mind. Asphalt 8 is popular among the Android user because of its incredibly outstanding graphics quality and smooth performance.

The game features more than 220 high-performance cars and bikes for you to drive and push beyond their limits. You will experience the real feeling of car racing.

8. Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds is amusing; it is played by millions of people across the globe; the game is very enjoying. You can also choose which bird to put in the slingshot and defeat the pigs with strategy.

Angry Birds is free to play an addictive game; You can play it for a long time once started. You will experience challenging levels with multiple stages. The users play Angry Birds for a long time.

9. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers if favorite among the android users for a long time, even the game is also preinstalled in some devices. This is a perfect game to play when you are alone or traveling somewhere.

With the update, Subway Surfers will offer you Grind trains with your cool crew, Colorful and vivid HD graphics, Hoverboard Surfing, Lightning fast swipe acrobatics & Challenge and helps your friends.

10. Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is like a Subway Surfers, but this game has a story behind it, basically the game based on the treasure hunting movie. The kids mostly play Temple Run 2.

In the game, the brave hero eventually gets his hands on the treasure but then has to navigate a maze of booby traps to get out alive. you can level up your character and use crazy powerups.

Those are the 10 Best Android Games almost all of them are free & available on google play store, you can download install it from there. If the article is helpful for you in any manner then kindly share it on social media, Stay connected with us for all the tech updates.
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