You are at Risk if you do this

Security experts have found more than 1 billion android smartphones vulnerable to attacks, malware, and hackers because they are running an old android operating system without an update.

According to researchers who looked into Google data, shows that 40% of android users no longer security updates, which it said puts their devices at risk of data theft, malware, and other attacks.

According to the report, anyone using Android phone released around 2012 or earlier – including popular models like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Sony Xperia S, should be especially concerned, since it’s likely they will be running a version of Android that does not include various security enhancements Google has been rolling out since.

Devices which recently lost support for Android security updates will not immediately encounter problems, but the risk of it being hacked will increase going forward.

The security experts “Which” advise users whose smartphones were out of date to be careful what they download and what links they click on, adding that backing up your data and installing a mobile antivirus may help to mitigate this threat.

So if you are using Old Android phone like Infinix, Tecno, Samsung, Sony Experia, Huawei, etc, that doesn’t receive update either for patch fixes or operating system update at all, then your device poses a risk of being hacked.

It is either you look for a way to update your device, or swap your device for a new one here, or just sell it once and for all. Smartphones that don’t receive android updates are not better than the old Nokia 3310.

Let me ask, when last did you receive an update on your smartphone?
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