iPhone Can Run Android 10 with Project Sandcastle

Since the first generation launched in 2007, the iPhone has always been using the iOS operating system. But Corellium’s cybersecurity startup found a way to crack iPhone to run Android 10.

Quoted Forbes, Friday (06/03/2020) developers in Corellium named this project as Project Sandcastle. The choice of this name is a form of satire against Apple that uses sandbox technology to control what users can do with their iPhone.

“The iPhone limits users to operate in a sandbox. But when you buy an iPhone, you have iPhone hardware,” Corellium wrote on his website.
“Android for iPhone gives you the freedom to run a different operating system in the hardware,” he continued.

Currently, the hacking method is still limited to a few devices, namely the iPhone 7, 7 Plus and iPod Touch. Some features also don’t work like audio, camera, Bluetooth or install applications from the Google Play Store.

This hack uses Checkra1n jailbreak, so it can’t be used for iPhones before 5s or after iPhone X. But if a new jailbreak is found, it’s possible that Android can also run on the latest iPhone.

To build Project Sandcastle, Corellium uses their own tools that can visualize the iPhone and Android software versions. Without the software, if the iPhone suddenly breaks down in the middle of an experiment they will have to replace it with a new device.

If you want to experience how to use Android on an iPhone, you can visit the ProjectSandcastle.org site and follow the instructions. Although the function is currently limited, the Corellium team continues to develop updates for Android for iPhone.

But it should be noted that a jailbreak like Checkra1n can make iPhone security reduced by eliminating the sandbox. Although developers and modders don’t like it, sandbox is useful to prevent malicious code from one application to steal data from other applications.

Interestingly, this is not the first time Project Sandcastle has successfully installed Android on an iPhone. About 10 years ago, they managed to run Android on the first generation iPhone.

Corellium, as the developer of Project Sandcastle, also has an unharmonious relationship with Apple. They are currently being sued by Apple for making software that allows developers to virtualize the iPhone on PCs to run tests without damaging the device.

The virtual iPhone version is what angered Apple. Apple’s lawyers later accused Corellium of imitating the iPhone which is their intellectual property. Corellium denied Apple’s claims and the two continued to feud in the realm of law.
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