Glo Introduces Stay Home Data Plan, Offers 20% More Data

We all know that data is expensive, both FG and subscribers are urging telecom providers in Nigeria and Africa at large to reduce the price of data but it appears they are not ready to listen. Recently, Glo introduced Sunday’s data plan, and now again, they have introduced a Stay Home Data plan to make you productive at home during this period of lockdown.

Glo Stay Home data plan is not an entirely new plan, instead, it offers you an extra 20% extra data if you renew your plan, regardless of the data plan you buy.

Meaning, the customer will automatically enjoy up to 20% more data when s/he tops up his data. The percentage of data bonus enjoyed, however, depends on how much data he subscribed to.

How Does Glo Stay at Home Data Work?

“The more data you buy, the more data bonus you enjoy. For example, an N20,000 data plan will attract up to 20% more data, while an N100 data plan will give the subscriber up to 5% more data”
In the new offer, the N20,000 bundle which before now offered 115GB will now give 138GB, meaning an additional data of 23GB, which is 20% more. The N100 plan which before now gave 90MB will attract an additional 15MB which translates to 105MB data.

Here is the breakdown of the additional data, if a subscriber buys the 
  • N500 bundle, he would now receive 1.05GB instead of the former 1GB. 
  • The N1000 bundle will now attract 2.5GB instead of the previous 2.3GB. 
  • N2000 bundle, the new package has 5.8GB instead of the old 5.25GB, 
  • N3,000 data purchase would receive a massive 10GB as against the 9GB which customers received in the old package.

How Do I Activate the Glo Stay Home Data Plan

To activate the plan, dial *777# for the plan menu and selecting the plan of choice. Data plans can also be purchased at

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