Nintendo Switches are being hacked, Tips on How To Secure Your Account

Recently, Nintendo has confirmed that they have faced the biggest security issue. In that, they have confirmed that more than 160K accounts got hacked. Company has also confirmed that from this hack the hacker got permission to access all 160k accounts.

Nintendo Switch Confirmed Biggest Online Hack 

Many players started reporting suspicious logins and unauthorized purchases to the company, First, everyone thought that’s rumors but suddenly on a big scale everyone started facing the same issue. After that company has confirmed that those accounts got hacked.

On the companies website, they have posted details about it. In that, they said that hackers are able to access online logins. There is no details are out that how it happened but the news is confirmed about this hack.

Nintendo has confirmed that there are many illegal purchases had been made so the company is trying to revert back all that payments and try to control the situation.

The hackers were able to get Network IDs of users and all other details. Including username, password and other details too.

How To Secure Your Nintendo Switch Account

If you are a Nintendo user than we suggest you to change your password or check your account is it okay or not. If you feel that your account is hacked then here are the steps which you should follow to secure your account.
  1. Sign in here
  2. Select >> Sign-in and security settings”
  3. Find out >> Two-step-verification
  4. Enable two-step verification.
  5. Select the Submit button
  6. Install the free Google Authenticator app on your phone
  7. Now Scan the QR code on your Nintendo account into the Google Authenticator app.
  8. On next prompt click on Submit button.
  9. Next Backup code will appear. So copy that and keep it safe with you.
  10. Now write down that codes and click OK
  11. You are done
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