Google Strengthens Its iMessage & WhatsApp Rival With New Features

Google Messages has got some new exciting features to take the fight with Whatsapp and iMessage. The app has rolled out an update to Messages which adds a new function to the app, which is used by billions of people.

This new update of Messages will help people in more personal and expressive ways. In an online post, they said,

“These days I’m messaging loved ones more often since I haven’t been able to see them in person. Staying in touch with them is so important right now, and it may mean quickly checking in, showing support, or simply sharing updates throughout my day.”

Check out the five new features which help you to connect with people.

1. Express Your Feelings

Now, you can react instantly to the messages like photos, videos, or chat messages which you receive from your friends or family. Choose the animated expressions by doing a long press on the message. You will see emojis, like love, surprise, laughter, sadness, anger, and dislike.

2. Check in on loved ones

The new update has brought Smart Reply, and it makes it easier to let loved ones know you care. If you turn on Smart Reply suggestions, then the stickers will be shown automatically if you are texting. You don’t need to search for one to share. As of now, the stickers are available in English.

3. Personalize your photos

With the help of the media editor, you can easily personalize your photos and share it with anyone. To use it, first, capture a picture with the in-app camera and then add text or draw the image with the help of brushes and then share it with your family and friends.

4. Go beyond a text

If you want to communicate personally, then Voice messages are the best. It is the best feature when you just want to say something instead of typing the message and sending. Recently, sending voice messages is made easier with a dedicated button. Press the microphone button in the compose bar and record the voice message and send your message to the loved ones.

5. Stay connected even when you’re apart

It is easy to communicate with friends by doing a video call and catch up face to face. Just click on the video call button which is at the top right corner of the screen and start a video call with your friends or family.
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