How to Easily Contact WhatsApp Support Via Chat

Most WhatsApp users have been finding it difficult to contact not to talk of getting a response from WhatsApp support even when you send a mail to

But WhatsApp is working on a better way, a feature on how you can easily get in touch with the support, one on one within the messenger app.

WhatsApp IN-APP Supports

In this case, WhatsApp is currently developing a feature that allows us to communicate with the technical support within the app. Once the feature is complete, a new section will be available within the app from WhatsApp settings.

From this section, you can report a bug, crashing or any issue you are facing on your messenger. In this case, device information like system details and log may be requested from you to help them give you the best answers.

When WhatsApp has an answer for the user, he will receive the message in a WhatsApp Support chat, allowing to communicate with the technician. When the conversation is over, the chat will be automatically marked as closed.

At the moment, the feature is currently in work and is expected to roll out when completed.
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