Opera Increases Free Daily Data From 20MB to 50MB

It is not a new news that Opera has partnered with Airtel and MTN to provide subscribers with free internet data every day. This offer has been around for quite a long time now and it sure works perfectly as if one has an active internet subscription. The only limitation to this free data plan remains that one cannot download or stream.

However, the allocated daily data should suffice if you are not a heavy internet server. You probably noticed that the free data bundle that Opera pops-up to notify you every day included 20MB in its description. Just recently, Opera increased the allocation size by 30MB, so you can now get 50MB free data on a daily basis.

This is more common for Airtel subscribers as MTN subscribers initially had theirs capped at 50MB already. The convention for being able to use this offer still holds. All you need to connect is to have Opera Mini/ Opera News installed on your device then turn on your data and start browsing. You can now do a lot more with the increased data allocation from checking trending news to signing into all your favorite social media sites.
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